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 It should be unlawful to deny peps rights. No1s more or less human. No1 get away wit stealin, tresspassin so y do u? Give us independence.

 KG I rlz dat cols fel 2 splt 4rm BRT N GVN dmslvs weda peps shld b runin it ntU

U cnt take our [right arrow]s away if da gvn bad its da peps chce

 Wen things dnt go rte, dey gt 2b fixd. Cuz da wrld gt2 b=. Kizzle [King George] u snappd! UB treatn us un=. Ntn was goin rta. SMH [Shaking My Head] Na we out!

 Ppl r able 2 free themselves from bein oppressed by the gov. All men r created =

we can make a new gov & since KG be wit the b* we gona ditch em.

 Yo G? U b trippin w/dese rula? we wnt our frdm! U tried us w/dem crazy laws! my ppl run dis town; not U. we bz = 2 da ppl.

 Obey laws, create =’lly. KG is crazi. Free r ritez. We wnt ind! God help us!

 All men created equal/able to over thro gov. KG III wrong America. Document means freedom.

 We b =. When ppl r unfair we can say GT*O & mak new rulz. KG be trippin so we b out & on our own.


October 1, 2010 - Posted by | IDEAS

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